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Examples of support

Below you can read more about initiatives supported by the Egmont Foundation. 

The Egmont Foundation aims to strengthen the learning and life skills of children by applying a variety of specifically TAILORED philanthropic tools – through donations, our incubator programme, various partnerships and our signature programme.

See below for examples of initiatives supported by the Egmont Foundation:

Lær for livet (Learn for Life) – signature programme

With the signature project 'Lær for Livet' (Learn for Life) the Egmont Foundation provides caring learning to children placed in care, and the aim is that they should become able to complete an upper secondary education. Inadequate schooling constitutes the strongest risk factor for the development of children and young people placed in care.

Through a holistic approach, 'Lær for Livet' (Learn for Life) provides caring learning to more than 1,000 children placed in care in close cooperation with Danish municipalities. Increased self esteem, academic successes and a stronger sense of affiliation with the school helps create the foundation necessary for the children to complete an upper secondary education and ultimately create a good life for themselves.

Partnership with "Kronprinsparets Fond" in Norway

In 2016, the Egmont Foundation entered into a partnership with “Kronprinsparets Fond” (The Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s Foundation) in Norway. The goal of the partnership is to give even more young people in Norway conditions and opportunities for a good and worthy life. The partnership will contribute to the spreading of good methodology and ideas across borders and inspire people to do an effort. The partnership runs for four years with a total funding framework of DKK 10.3m.

“Småbørnsalliancen” (The Danish Alliance for Support to Young Children)

In 2016, the Egmont Foundation focused on the vulnerability of the youngest children and, together with the Danish think tank DEA, launched the initiative “Småbørnsalliancen” (The Danish Alliance for Support to Young Children), which brings together key players that work with the age group 0-6. The Egmont Foundation granted DKK 1,775,000 for the initiative. The goal is to get stakeholders across organisations and sectors to work together to ensure that children get a good start in life.

Emergency help for refugees

The Egmont Foundation has earmarked DKK 30m for a refugee action plan to support special initiatives targeted at newly arrived refugee children in 2016-2018.

The Foundation has a strong tradition of providing emergency help to address specific, urgent social needs. Since 2009, the number of children arriving in Denmark as refugees has increased from 375 to approx. 7,500 in 2015. The same trend is seen in Norway. Many of the children who have been fleeing are affected by serious social, health and learning problems. And this very much constitutes an emergency situation. We owe it to these children to give them a good start in life.

The refugee efforts focus on initiatives that provide psychosocial support to ensure that the refugee children and their families thrive as much as possible, and on initiatives that provide a good start for the children in school and day-care.