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A Helping Hand

The Egmont Foundation provides a helping hand to vulnerable children, young people, and families

  • Photographer: Christian Als

    Photographer: Christian Als

Donations to Vulnerable Children and Young People

A childhood afflicted with deprivations caused by poverty and complex social factors can pose serious constraints on the child.

Receiving a helping hand from the Egmont Foundation a child or young person is able to attend leisure activities, celebrate Christmas, or go on summer holiday – just like children in any other family. We also support families starting over, establishing a new home following emergency accommodation at a crisis centre.

Strengthening the Child and its Family

In many vulnerable families the struggle is not only to make ends meet financially. They may find themselves in a deadlock caused by disease, mental vulnerability, or social isolation. Accordingly, the helping hand from the Egmont Foundation is provided together with long-term support from five partner organisations. They offer family support, financial counselling, network, group therapy, or domestic violence counselling. 

10 % of the total charitable budget is provided as a helping hand to vulnerable children and youth.