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The Egmont Foundation supports initiatives strengthening the desire of school child to learn

  • Photographer: Egmont

    Photographer: Egmont

Strengthening the Desire to Learn

The Egmont Foundation wishes every school child to have the desire to learn. We believe that desiring to learn is a prerequisite for learning and that learning is fundamental for the school child’s ability to develop and make a good life for itself.

What do we support?

Among other things we support the development of new teaching methods, new models for learning, mentoring programmes, educational aids, and research. 


  • Inclusion of children with special educational needs into the ordinary primary and secondary school
  • Research: What spurs the school child’s desire to learn?
  • Learning camps for children placed in care
  • Early intervention for children who have difficulties in mathematics
  • New experienced-based learning methods, co-created by children, designers, and researchers